Nov 1

Happy Halloween!

This is my favorite holiday. I love getting dressed up for Halloween!! Putting on some latex, some make-up, a wig and going down to West Hollywood for a wonderful night of debauchery!! Oh wait, that’s just about every other weekend…

Everyday is Halloween when you’re in the world of Stockroom… Hoods, masks, pony play, straitjackets, whips, hand cuffs, blindfolds, medical toys, … I could go on and on.

If you like to dress up on a regular basis or if you like to wait for those special occasions a few times a year, we have a great selection of masks, costumes, latex outfits, leather, and an endless amount of toys and accessories to complete your get-up (and for the after-party). Hope you all have a great time!! I know I will…

Here’s the Featured Product of the Week… This is the very sexy Kiki Klement just before she was about to get tied with these Locking/Buckling Wrist Cuffs around that tree for being a bad girl.

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Hope to hear from you soon!!

Mario M.

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