Dec 28

A New Look for Stockroom Affiliates

You may notice some changes when you log into the affiliate program these days.

We’re getting ready for the New Year, and introducing a sexy new look for our affiliate site. Right now, it will greet you when you hit the home page at, however you will soon see this new format showing up on every single page of the affiliate backend.

Do not be alarmed, we are simply attempting to enhance your aesthetic experience of our program. Hope you enjoy the new eye candy. 🙂

And there are more improvements on the horizon!

We will be introducing a new tools in early ’07 which will allow you to view more of the activity on your affiliate account, such as declines, returns, and chargebacks (which we get very few of, due to the fact that we actually process all credit card orders in person), new link generating tools, RSS Feeds, and more! We have great plans for the affiliate program in 2007, and are happy to have you on board to share the experience with us.


Dec 20

Your Privacy is a Top Priority

Recently it was brought to my attention that the Privacy Policy, though it has always been observed and extended to our affiliates, was not actually published anywhere on the Affiliate Program site, or in the Terms and Conditions.

Well, now it’s official! The following Privacy Statement has been added to the Terms and Conditions, and is available for viewing anytime in the menu bar at

Privacy Statement
Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our business. is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of its clients.
Unlike many online businesses, we do NOT sell or rent access to customer or affiliate mailing lists or databases to other companies. We will not share ordering information with anyone outside the company, unless compelled to do so by a court order (which has never happened in our 19 years in business).
For our customers, we have taken extensive measures to make our online ordering systems secure. All exchange of personal data takes place in secure browser environments, and data is stored in encrypted formats behind a firewall. We employ outside security analysis firms to check our work on a routine basis.
All orders from,,, and our co-branded affiliate stores are shipped in plain packaging using a return address of “Shipping Manager.”
Charges to customer credit card statements will appear as “JT’s Stockroom – 213-484-3882”.

It is feedback like this that helps us to continually develop and improve our affiliate program in response to the needs and desires of our affiliates. As Stockroom affiliates, you are always encouraged to contact me with your ideas, suggestions, problems, questions, wildest dreams, and wishful thinking. We are big dreamers here at the Stockroom, and we want to help you to be as successful as possible with our program.

No question is too simple or foolish, no desire too grand to be considered.

I am here for you. 🙂

Juli Crockett
Director of Marketing
ICQ # 11-234-009

Dec 13 Nominated for TWO xBiz Awards!

We here at were absolutely thrilled to discover that we were nominated for not one but TWO xBiz Awards: Web Retailer of the Year and Novelty Company of the Year! And boy, are we ever excited!

As Stockroom Affiliates, you can feel proud and secure in your decision to sign on with an award-worthy web retailer and manufacturer. Congratulations!

We are honored to be nominated alongside such impressive industry leaders, and the energy here at the complex can only be described as “just plain giddy” and “oozing with glee.”

I am very much looking forward to the xBiz conference and awards show on Feb. 7th & 8th, as the last show in Vegas was tons of informative fun.

This nomination is like the cherry on top of an already amazing year, and we would like to thank all of our friends, fans, xPeeps and Myspace pals, our affiliates, and everyone else that nominated us for your love, loyalty and support. (hmm… does that sound like I’m preparing my acceptance speech?)

It’s simply a treat to be nominated, and I want to share this joyful feeling with all of you.

Let’s party!

Juli Crockett
Director of Marketing

And now…!

Dec 12

Do you know your Top Ten Sellers?

Have you explored all of the reporting features of the Affiliate Program?

If so, you may have noticed an option to view Your Top Ten Selling Items. This handy feature was designed to give you a clear idea of what your site visitors are buying, so you can make informed decisions as to what types of items you may want to promote via direct product linking, product features or reviews, and other methods of attracting attention to specific items.

In addition to the Top Ten Selling Items, you can always view every single item purchased via your affiliate code in your Monthly Reports.

We have recently updated the Top Ten feature on our affiliate site to reflect your *Top Ten Best Selling Items of All Time, as it was previously reporting the Top Ten on a month to month basis. We feel that providing you the Top Ten items of All Time will give you a better sense of the overall buying habits of your visitors, and assist you in crafting the best sales campaign possible.

As always, we are continually working to develop our affiliate program in response to the needs of our affiliates. If you have any suggestions, problems, questions, or wild and crazy ideas for ways in which we can improve your affiliate experience, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Juli Crockett
Director of Marketing

Dec 6

Free Gift Promo!

Those of you with co-branded stores may have noticed a new menu item in your store….

Free Gift! & have just unveiled this newest promotional sales feature for our affiliate stores. Your customers will now be able to choose one of six free gift options with a minimum purchase of $30.

There is also mention of the “Love Bomb” special on this free gift page, which is a checkout special that is (and has been) available to ALL customers upon checkout.

Be sure to promote this new Free Gift feature and the Love Bomb special to your visitors!