Mar 27

Phoenix Forum Fun (and then some)

It’s time for the Phoenix Forum! Who’s going to be there?

I am just giddy to get to the conference and see all of our friends, affiliates, and associates IN THE FLESH. Not that I don’t immensely enjoy the high-tech cyber-ways that I usually communicate with everyone in the biz — via blogs, IMs, phone calls, and email — it’s just that nothing quite compares to sharing some face to face time, shaking hands, looking each other straight in the eyes and hearing first hand how things are going.

There is something special about the Phoenix Forum. Perhaps it is simply my own nostalgia (I consider it to be the first “real” webmaster show that I ever attended) though I think it’s something more. I think it’s an excellent show, put on RIGHT, by a great company who knows how to throw a party.

I’ll be bringing the newest addition to my team, Amy, who is going to be experiencing the trial-by-fire initiation into all things affiliate/traffic/web-marketing at the show.

Amy is one of’s top Customer Service providers, which made her a perfect candidate for an Affiliate Account Representative. Our plan is to continue extending the same legendary customer care that the Stockroom is known for on the retail end of things into our affiliate relations as well.

I’ve been holding down the fort the best I can, and I will continue to do so to some extent, with Amy acting as my right hand in all things affiliate.

In other news….

The Stockroom is going to have some BIG news in the upcoming weeks. Can’t tell you now, but keep your ears peeled and eyes out for the official announcement. This is gonna be good. 🙂