Apr 11

“NoFollow” and Affiliate Links

In an effort to improve our own SEO, we know that your own personal SEO efforts are just as important to us. One simple thing that we are requesting (and suggesting for your own sake) is for when you are adding new affiliate links pointing to our site (and even updating your existing links), is to add rel=”nofollow” to your links.

What are “follow” and “nofollow” links?
When you link to an outside site, Google sees this as a vote of confidence for that site. It passes authority from your site to the site that you are linking to. Over the years, Google has changed how they look at this in an effort to cut down on people trying to game the system. They introduced “nofollow” tags that would stop this authority passing from your site to your linked site. Affiliate links are used with the intention of being compensated, so Google recommends that links of these types have “nofollow” added to them – they are ok with you making money as long as you don’t try passing it off as a confidence vote.

Why You Should Add “nofollow”?
While Google says that they believe they can handle affiliate links as such, they also say that if you’re still concerned then you should add rel=”nofollow” to your links. Affiliate links, for example in banners or text links, may also be seen as paid links, which Google frowns upon as well.

In addition, if you have too many external links on your site without using the “nofollow” tag, it will dilute Google’s trust in your site and may become seen as more spammy than it is in reality.

How To Add “nofollow” To Your Links
It’s very easy! Your link code should look something like this:

<a href=""http://www.link.com">text</a>

Simply add rel=”nofollow” to it like this:

<a href="http://www.link.com" rel="nofollow">text</a>

For more information, here are a few links:

What You Need To Know About Rel Nofollow Links
Google’s Matt Cutts On Affiliate Links
Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines

Jun 20

New Products Added to Stockroom.com

To link, select either Stockroom.com or Male.Stockroom.com url & replace XXXXXX with your affiliate id.
Is your traffic into anal chastity? Slow screwing torture? New colors in top-selling designs? Or just wants to be bigger downstairs? We’ve added a variety of exceptional new products to the site covering a wealth of niches, sure to satisfy all kinds of traffic.

Click for more info on Ultimate AsslockUltimate Asslock
Modeled on the medieval torture device known as “The Pear of Anguish,” the Ultimate Asslock has a classic, diabolical design. Simply insert this steel piece of botany into your back door and widen its petals to blossom while inside you to achieve a truly unique feeling of fullness. Secured with a miniature padlock with two keys (included). Made of high-grade steel.


Click for more info on Permanent PlugsPermanent Plugs
Not only does this sturdy plug have a sophisticated look, it also includes a removable coil. That’s right, you don’t need to interrupt your special plug time anymore while you take care of your bathroom business! And as an added bonus, you may also clean yourself out with this plug – it also functions as a shower head when the coil is changed. Made of hi-grade aluminum.


Click for more info on Screwed Cock RingScrewed Cock Ring
These handcrafted powder coated raw-steel cock rings offer an unusual twist on cock and ball torture. Twin steel rings are separated by 4 evenly spaced, welded octagonal nuts with wing screws, allowing you to tighten spike-like screws to increase restriction and heighten sensation. Available in two colors, these handmade CBT devices offer a customizable, tantalizing experience – whether you’re the one wearing them, or the one turning the screws!


Click for more info on Giant Penis Plug 25mmGiant Penis Plug 25mm
Grooved for your pleasure, this appealing streamlined-design penis plug features a gently tapered, round point for easy insertion into the urethra. Running along the plug’s sleek steel shaft are five deep, machined grooves, equal distance apart from one another, creating a ribbed texture for intensified urethra stimulation. Connected to the fixed bead is a detachable head ring that is worn tightly around the head of the penis, so the stake will not slip too far in or slide out.


Click for more info on Killer Mouth GagKiller Mouth Gag
This is simply the most effective way to deal with a mouthy sub. The leather strap keeps the rubber ball in place, freeing up your hands to tighten the ball as slowly as you like, eventually causing your insubordinate slave to gag. The full feeling of the rubber ball in your slave’s mouth as you screw it in further, gagging your servant into submission, will prove that you are the one in charge — if there was any doubt to begin with!


Click for more info on Sex and Metal Flogger The VanquisherSex and Metal Flogger “The Vanquisher”
This flogger is the perfect instrument to remind your sub who’s in charge. The hollow handle is made from powder coated brushed raw steel with a ring on the end. The handle is decorated with hand-etched grooves that go spiraling around and two small spikes are mounted at the end. The soft textured black leather tails allow you to deliver a wide range of sensations from light lashes to serious smacks.


Click for more info on Sex and Metal Flogger The Provoker
Sex and Metal Flogger “The Provoker”

Have things gotten dull? This is the right flogger to enliven your favorite sub. The hollow handle is made from smooth powder coated brushed raw steel with a ring on the end. Looped through the ring is a leather strand so you may hang this flogger in your favorite spot. The handle has a seductively smooth finish with two small spikes mounted at the end. The supple leather tails are dynamic enough to let you choose the type of disciplinarian you want to be – from mild-mannered motivator to agent provocateur!


Click for more info on Sex and Metal Finger FloggersSex and Metal Finger Floggers
Put your whole arm into delivering the perfect lash with these finger floggers. Black leather finger grips run through a steel ring that has been welded onto a short, powder coated steel tube. Four small steel spikes are mounted on the end of the tube as the soft leather fall pours out of the open end. These distinctly designed floggers enable you to deliver a unique range of motions and sensations from mild to the hard lash. These floggers are available in two colors and two sizes. Sold in pairs.


Click for more info on Sex and Metal BirdcageSex and Metal Birdcage
This stunning hanging birdcage is perfect for keeping your human captive. The structure is powder coated raw steel, coated in a deep, saturated burgundy finish, the birdcage is strong and secure with two hinges welded on the door frame so that you may chain the door shut to tease your captive. Equipped with wrist restraints, 31 clamps to hold long steel stakes (stakes included) and a thick, black padded vinyl base with a keyhole cut out for more easy access to torment.


Click for more info on Short Locking Curved Posture Collar in Pink with Black TrimShort Locking Curved Posture Collar in Pink with Black Trim
New colors from our Stockroom design team! Create a proper attentive stance with this beautifully crafted short locking posture collar. The leather collar is made of pink Latigo leather trimmed in black to add a bold accent to your jaw and neck line. Built to be durable, this attractive collar has a nickel plated D-ring and a lockable buckle in the back. Slaves and masters alike will appreciate the high quality workmanship in this meticulously crafted accessory.


Click for more info on Tall Locking Curved Posture Collar in Pink Leather with Black TrimTall Locking Curved Posture Collar in Pink Leather with Black Trim
New colors from our Stockroom design team! Create a proper attentive stance with this beautifully crafted tall locking posture collar. The leather collar is made of firm but flexible pink Latigo leather trimmed in black to add a bold accent to your jaw and neck line. Built to be durable, this attractive collar has a nickel plated triangle w/ O-ring and a lockable buckle in the back. Slaves and masters alike will appreciate the high quality workmanship in this meticulously crafted accessory. Note: this collar is 4″/9cm tall, and will fit best on people with longer necks.


Click for more info on Locking Pink Wrist Cuffs with Black TrimLocking Pink Wrist Cuffs with Black Trim
New colors from our Stockroom design team! These exceptional cuffs are a great addition to our classic all leather bondage restraints and make an excellent gift for your submissive. These attractive cuffs are constructed using pink Latigo leather with black trim to help with comfort and long term wear. Each pair has a nickel plated D-ring and lockable buckle. One thing you’ll certainly notice is how light and inconspicuous they are, making them perfect in the dungeon or, on a fun night out. These wonderful Stockroom creations are bound to become a modern kink classic with their bold color and functional design.


Click for more info on Locking Pink Ankle Cuffs with Black TrimLocking Pink Ankle Cuffs with Black Trim
New colors from our Stockroom design team! These heavy-duty leather ankle cuffs are crafted of pink Latigo leather and finished in black trim. Each pair has a nickel plated D-ring and lockable buckle, ready to stand up to repetitive wear and tear. Restraints are a primary accoutrement for BDSM and you’ll love how comfortable and durable the construction is. Whether you’re wearing them to make a statement or for a serious bondage encounter, they are ready to enhance any power exchange.


Click for more info on Bathmate Penis PumpBathmate Penis Pump
For those moments when you need a little help getting rock hard, spend some time with Bathmate. Just a few short minutes each day with this pump will help you develop a much more sizable and fuller cock. Simply fill it with warm water, apply it to your partner-in-crime, then feel as it evenly distributes pressure around your cock to ensure uniform suction. After a rendezvous with Bathmate, you are good to go! Side effects include: longer lasting sessions and more intense orgasms.


Dec 3

Limited Edition Product! Patent Leather Bow Restraint in RED

Gift-wrap your submissive with our Patent Leather Bow Wrist Restraint. For the first time ever, this holiday season we are offering our original, one of a kind design, in RED!

We’ve even discounted it in our sale, so get your links up fast as this popular favorite is sure to fly off our shelves!

Click to open image in new windowSimply add our banner on the left to your site and offer your traffic one of our beautiful, truly unique products that can’t be found anywhere else!

Just switch out XXXXXX with your affiliate id in the url below:

Nov 19

Thanksgiving Stuff It Sale

This time of year brings our annual American Thanksgiving holiday, and while I won’t get into the history of it, I’ll take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful affiliates for promoting us, whether you are new to our program or have been with us since the beginning, we thank you 🙂

And to show thanks to our customers, we’re doing our “Thanksgiving Stuff It Sale“, with up to over 50% off select products. We all know “Black Friday” is coming quick on Friday, November 26th, but you definitely want to prepared for the 29th, “Cyber Monday“, the new online shopping day of the year!

Get your links up now, sales runs through November 29th, with more discounts being added!

Thanksgiving Stuff It Sale on Stockroom.com

To promote, simply replace XXXXXX with your affiliate ID:

Sale on Stockroom.com:


Sale on Male.Stockroom.com:


Below are just a few awesomely discounted products from our Thanksgiving Stuff It Sale.

Add these thumbnails to your site to advertise our deep discounts now! To link to any product page simply add ?ref=XXXXXX at the end of that page url!

Premium Arm Splints with Locking Buckles

Double Ratchet Dental Retractor

Vibrating Urethral Sound

Fiberglass Cane

Wireless Cry Baby Secret Bullet Vibrator

Nipple Suction Device

Titan's Stockroom DVD

Nexus P-Spot Massager

Oct 20

TitanMen’s New DVD Titled “Stockroom”

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TitanMen's new Stockroom DVD

The TitanMen feature that debuted at the Folsom Street Fair is one of the most highly-anticipated fetish films of the year, and Male Stockroom is proud to have been the co-branded partner for this year’s Folsom feature, titled Stockroom. This gorgeous, high-definition, feature-length film was shot at The Stockroom’s Los Angeles offices, workshops, and warehouse; Male Stockroom and Syren Latex provided all the gear and clothing.

Don’t just sell your traffic the DVD, let them live the movie! Promote Titan Media’s new Stockroom DVD along with gear and props used in the film.

Click for more info on Titan's Stockroom DVDTitan’s Stockroom DVD

In the depths of a mysterious warehouse hidden from the outside world, an extreme experience awaits. A muscular cast of TitanMen exclusives burst through their latex and restraints in a sexually charged effort filled with sucking, fucking, fisting and pissing.


Click for more info on Gear Used & Worn in Stockroom MovieTitan’s Stockroom Gear

We’ve created a special page featuring all of our products that were used in Titan’s Stockroom movie. Link to products individually, or simply link to this one page and let your customers easily browse. From dildos and restraints to rubber uniforms and leather accessories, we sell everything you need to re-enact your own “Stockroom” escapades. (Get your links up fast, for a limited time customers can get a free Titan calendar with purchase!)


Most Prominently Used Gear in Stockroom:
Below are scene and star descriptions of when and where our gear is featured!

Hot but menacing Alessio Romero first appears in the film in a park at night, kidnapping Daniel Michael and stuffing him into the trunk of a waiting car. For the kidnapping scene, he wears a black Stockroom Men’s T Shirt with his jeans; afterwards, when he takes time out to have some fun with Daniel before turning him over to his bosses, he wears Stockroom’s classic Leather Chest Harness with a Jock Harness with removable Studded Leather Codpiece, as well as a pair of the 2-Strap Leather Wrist Bands.

Mens Stockroom Tshirt Jock Harness in Black Leather Chest Harness Cod Piece 2-Strap Leather Wrist Band

Newcomer Daniel Michael has the perfect baby face to play the kidnap victim in the Stockroom film. The film opens with Daniel being kidnapped from a park by Aymeric and Alessio, who restrain him with Bondage Tape and a leather pull-on Guillotine Hood before loading him into the trunk of a waiting car. Later, we see Daniel being prepped for processing by Aymeric and Alessio in the warehouse; the two thugs have him strapped down to a forklift with Stockroom’s latest creation, the Premium Arm Splints, which made their debut in this scene.

Bondage Tape Guillotine Hood Premium Arm Splints with Locking Buckles

Wealthy executive Jim Ferro gets a special delivery from The Stockroom in his corporate boardroom: young, tender slaveboy JR Matthews caged and trussed for his use and abuse. Jim wears what we would all wear to work if the weather and corporate dress codes would allow: a latex uniform in Military Green rubber that consists of our Rubber Uniform Shirt; Latex Jeans; Sam Brown Belt Set; and Muir Cap.

Latex Uniform Shirt PVC Sam Browne Belt Set Rubber Muir Cap

Muscular bottom Tibor Wolfe – a TitanMen Exclusive – appears in a training scene in The Stockroom’s warehouse with David Anthony and Spencer Reed. He wear’s Syren’s open-crotched Latex Wrestling Singlet with Stockroom’s Premium Knee Pads. They start him out on the Stockroom Stockade – where he’s held in place with a Francois Sagat Dildo and our Premium Lockable Dungeon Cuffs – and then crank him up to the ceiling on a Steel Suspension Bar hung from a winch.

Premium Leather Knee Pads Stockroom Stockade Francois Sagat Dildo Premium Lockable Dungeon Cuffs Steel Suspension Bar

Handsome TitanMen Exclusive David Anthony wears Stockroom’s Lace Up Rubber Gauntlets and Syren’s Latex Tighty Whitey in black with white trim under his tailored wool suit to play the role of a kinky businessman who trains young men who default on loans to work off their debts in the service of wealthy older gentlemen. He later strips down to just the gauntlet when he tops heavy bottom Tibor Wolfe alongside broad-shouldered sidekick Spencer Reed.

Lace Up Rubber Gauntlets Men's Latex Tighty Whitey

Newly trained boy JR Matthews was delivered by special courier to the corporate offices of executive Jim Ferro in our Puppy Cage. He was drooling in our Spider Gag, and wearing our Butt Plug Harness; Leather/Steel Restraints with matching collar; and the Adjustable Aviator Blindfold.

Puppy Cage Spider Gag Anal Plug Harness for Men Leather/Steel Wrist Restraints Deluxe Stainless Steel/Leather Collar Adjustable Aviator Style Blindfold

Hot thug Spencer Reed – who plays the henchman to slave trading businessman David Anthony in the Stockroom film – looks like a comic book villain in skintight black latex. He wears Stockroom’s Front Zip Latex Tank Top with Syren’s Cod Piece Pants. His training sequence, where he tops Tibor Wolfe, gives a great demonstration of the removable codpiece cover on the pants.

Front Zip Latex Tank Top

When we first see him, new TitanMen Exclusive Aymeric Deville is kidnapping debtor/victim Daniel Michael from a quiet park. He wears tight jeans with Stockroom’s Deluxe Leather Suspenders and our Leather Gauntlets with zip pockets. Later, we see him taking advantage of Daniel in the Stockroom warehouse before passing him on for processing. For that scene, the Parisian actor wears a special version of our Rubber Apron in sexy transparent black latex.

Deluxe Suspenders Leather Gauntlets w/ Zip Pocket Rubber Apron
Oct 15

Halloween Sale on Stockroom – Big Sales With Up to 55% Off!

It’s the beginning of best shopping time of the year and we’re celebrating with our “Halloween Sale“, with up to 55% off select products. Customers are shopping now, so get your links up asap! 🙂 (Sale runs today through October 31.)

Halloween Sale on Stockroom.com

To promote, simply replace XXXXXX with your affiliate ID:

Sale on Stockroom.com:


Sale on Male.Stockroom.com:


Below are just a few awesomely discounted products from our Halloween Sale – to link to any product page simply add ?ref=XXXXXX at the end of that page url!

Guillotine Hood with Harness Pink Pig Face Mask Black Canvas Straitjacket w/ Leather Straps Latex Thigh-High Stockings The Punisher Muzzle Molded Latex Pony Boots
Oct 14

New Stockroom Design and More New Products

Along with a big handful of toys, DVDs from TitanMen and Buck Angel, are a new item from our in-house designers, Premium Arm Splints with Locking Buckles. We’ve got many more coming soon. Start promoting them now!

Click for more info on Premium Arm Splints with Locking BucklesPremium Arm Splints with Locking Buckles

Similar to but more versatile than our armbinder, these leather arm splints are handmade in our workshop with the same craft and care with which we construct all our bondage gear.


Click for more info on Cobra LibreCobra Libre

Unlike a traditional male masturbator that comes down to the base of the shaft, this is designed to specifically stimulate only the glans and frenulum, vibrating to massage your most sensitive areas.


Click for more info on TitanMen Rough Rider BeginnerTitanMen Rough Rider Beginner

This thick black dildo mounted on an inflatable ball brings masturbation to a whole new level as it lets you control the speed and depth as you blow, bounce and ride with the Rough Rider.


Click for more info on TitanMen Rough Rider IntermediateTitanMen Rough Rider Intermediate

Created from latex-free Sil-A-Gel, the Rough Rider Intermediate dildo features a round, bulbous head and a thick, smooth shaft for intense vaginal or anal pleasure.


Click for more info on TitanMen Rough Rider AdvancedTitanMen Rough Rider Advanced

Place hands & legs on the medium-sized ball while allowing the Rough Rider to glide inside, inch by inch. Hop, ride & glide as fast (or slow) as you like while the Rough Rider penetrates you.


Click for Francois Sagat DildoFrancois Sagat Dildo

This exact replica features Francois in all 8 inches of his delicious glory, including each individual vein wrapping up his thick shaft leading to the infamous curve in the tip of his dick.


Click for more info on Marco Blaze DildoMarco Blaze Dildo

The ultra-realistic Marco Blaze dildo captures all 8.5 inches of length & 7.5 inches of girth of Marco’s bulging cock which has been meticulously molded from his uncut, erect penis.


Click for more info on Slave MaskSlave Mask

Black garment leather envelops the head while eye, nose, & mouth openings allow the wearer to see well & respond to commands. Add a blindfold & gag them for some added sensory-deprivation thrills.


Click for more info on Titan DVDsTitan DVDs

We have added over 30 titles from Titan’s TitanMen, ManPlay and of course their Rough fetish lines in DVD and Blu-Ray. A perfect compliment to our products and sure to please our MaleStockroom customers.


Click for more info on Buck Angel DVDsBuck Angel DVDs

The original “man with a pussy” and F2M trans barrier-breaking Buck Angel’s DVDs are a very welcome product on our sites!

Sep 2

Gear Up For Folsom – Month Long Sale!

Whether you’re going to Folsom Street Fair or just attending in spirit, your traffic will LOVE the deep discounts on our signature fetish wear and more. You don’t want to miss this, get your links up now! (Sale runs today through September 27, 2010.)

Gear Up For Folsom Sale at Stockroom.com

To promote, simply replace XXXXXX with your affiliate ID:

Sale on Stockroom.com:


Sale on Male.Stockroom.com:


And if you’ll be at Folsom Street Fair, make sure to come by and visit us! More details coming soon!

Aug 12

Stockroom.com’s Roughin’ It Sale!

Summer’s still in full swing, so promote our “Roughin’ It Sale“, full of bondage and BDSM gear perfect for weekend camping playtime or just camping out in your bedroom. Huge discounts offered for a limited time only, get your links up now! (Sale runs today through August 22.)

Roughin' It Sale on Stockroom.com

To promote, simply replace XXXXXX with your affiliate ID:

Sale on Stockroom.com:


Sale on Male.Stockroom.com:


Roughin' It Sale on MaleStockroom.com

Aug 2

New Products – Puppy Cage, Chastity, CBT & Anal Toys!

We’ve added some new toys to keep your traffic happy, from the Birdlocked Silicone Chastity Device to quality toys from top brand TitanMen to a steel puppy cage for naughty pets to be kept in place. Start promoting now! To link, select either our Stockroom.com or Male.Stockroom.com url and just switch out XXXXXX with your affiliate code):

Click for more info on Puppy CagePuppy Cage
Keep your canine in line with this masterfully crafted Steel Puppy Cage — the ultimate puppy play pen to add to your dungeon furniture collection. Featuring steel-coated metal bars and a clear acrylic finish specifically designed to prevent rusting, making it as durable as it is impressive.


Click for more info on Birdlocked ChastityBirdlocked Silicone Chastity Device
Constructed of medical-grade silicone, the Birdlocked chastity device is as durable as it is discreet. Tread and trample as you may; the sheath of the Birdlocked is tear-resistant and will remain completely intact.


Click for more info on Spike CageSpike Cage
What do you get the man who has everything? The Spike Cage of course! This stainless steel cock cage has seven rings lined with spikes and ends with four spikes inside the head of the device, making it much more than just a chastity device.


Click for more info on TitanMen Tools Cock CageTitanMen Tools Cock Cage
Made of thermoplastic rubber, this seamless device is extremely elastic and cleans easily after a long and hard night of use. The Cock Cage acts as an extended series of rubber rings, combining a snug fit with enough elasticity to allow for use by men of all sizes.


Click for more info on TitanMen Master Tool 1TitanMen Master Tool 1
Built on the principle that a true anal master needs a trusty, reliable tool, not a “toy”, take control of the TitanMen Master Tool #1’s flared base & guide the smooth head into the rectum & let the curve of the shaft bullseye the prostate on the first time, every time.


Click for more info on TitanMen Master Tool 2TitanMen Master Tool 2
Get to work with the TitanMen Master Tool #2… The smooth head will slide its way into you or your partner’s rectum where the texture then gains a little more friction as three progressively large ripples make their way in. Made of Silagel rubber, an anti-bacterial, non-toxic material that is also latex and cadmium free.


Click for more info on TitanMen Master Tool 3TitanMen Master Tool 3
Continue your journey to anal master with the the TitanMen Master Tool #3, featuring three throbbing widths of swells. The first is smooth for slick, easy entry; the second two provide a little more friction culminating in a flared base if you make it over that last hump. Use it on yourself or follow the golden rule and do unto others as you would have them do unto you!