May 22

50 Shades of Fetish Promo Sale

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No doubt you’ve heard of the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenom… For the vanilla world, this trilogy has opened their minds and piqued their curiousity into the world of BDSM – and there is no place better for them to explore and get started than at! Known for our top quality BDSM and bondage gear, we offer a great range for beginners including inexpensive, quality products in our KinkLab line.

For the next 2 weeks we are running a special Fifty Shades of Fetish promo featuring the best gear, toys, and instructional materials for beginners wanting to expand their BDSM horizons.

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May 18

New Product Updates on

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We are thrilled to announce the release of new accessories to our KinkLab ElectroErotic™ line – new electrodes and the most exciting, the Power Tripper!™ Designed to be used with our hot-selling Neon Wand, the Power Tripper™ turns the user into a human electrode. We’ve also got a bunch of new gas masks, sex toys and more!

Click for more info on Power TripperPower Tripper™
Whether new to electro sex or an experienced estim player, the Power Tripper™ is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever felt before! Tease your partner with electric tingles flowing from your tongue or fingertips every time you kiss, lick, or touch them. Its highly conductive materials and wiring lend it a unique precision and efficiency, making it capable, when used with a Neon Wand™ at lower power settings, of producing sensations equal in intensity to what other body contact electrodes on the market can only achieve at maximum power.

Click for more info on Probe ElectrodeProbe Electrode
The Probe Electrode is an attachment with an attractive purple glow designed especially for the Kinklab Neon Wand™. Simply drag this glass rod gently across your or your lover’s skin and enjoy a sensation that ranges from soft to intense, depending on the setting.

Click for more info on Coiled Probe ElectrodeCoiled Probe Electrode
An exciting twist on the Probe Electrode above, featuring a metal coil throughout the length of the glass that causes the electricity to dance beautifully as you drag the rod gently across your or your lover’s skin.

Click for more info on Roller ElectrodeRoller Electrode
The Roller Electrode, designed for the Kinklab Neon Wand™ has an attractive purple glow and a solid plastic base that holds the glass roller in place. Glide it sensually across your skin and let the sparks fly as the arc of light excites your skin.

Click for more info on Curved Y ElectrodeCurved Y Electrode
Featuring a long shaft crowned by two soft arches, this Curved Y Elctrode, designed for the Kinklab Neon Wand™, is perfect for use on arms or legs and creates two simultanious points of contact for a pleasurable shock.

Click for more info on French Military Gas MaskFrench Military Gas Mask
In the bunker or the bedroom, this amazing French military gas mask is perfect for whatever twisted scenario you can come up with. These heavy duty rubber gas masks are a delight for rubber fetishists or military interrogations and role play.

Click for more info on Finnish Military Gas MaskFinnish Military Gas Mask
There’s nothing like combining your apocalypse fetish, your military fetish, and breathing control all into one hot scene, and now it’s easier than ever with our latest Finnish Military gas masks. Each mask comes with a side mounting detachable filter and its own canvas satchel for easy storage and travel.

Click for more info on Limited Edition Finnish Military Gas MaskLimited Edition Finnish Military Gas Mask
This is a rare, limited edition version of our Finnish Military Gas Mask. The only difference is a slight variation in the front of the mask. Only available while supplies last!

Click for more info on Heeldo Strap-On Dildo HarnessHeeldo Strap-On Dildo Harness
The twist for this harness is that it is contoured to fit a very specific part of the anatomy: the heel of the foot. The Heeldo offers multiple angles, and works with all dildos or prostate massagers that are o-ring compatible.

Click for more info on Minna OlaMinna Ola
It’s difficult for us to think of a sex toy that we’ve been more excited about recently than the Minna Ola. The harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations, while letting go dictates the frequency of the vibrations, allowing for a completely customizable experience.

Click for more info on Toy TwoToy Two
The G-Spot Finger Extender Toy Two from Wet For Her is an exciting new sex toy that is specially designed for stimulating the female G-Spot. This toy was designed by women to specifically address and satisfy the sexual needs and desires of women by taking the act of “finger banging” to a new level of simple sexual technology.

Click for more info on FleshWrapFleshWrap
The Flesh Wrap Male Pleasure System is an innovative and exciting new men’s sex toy that simultaneously grips and excites the scrotum and balls, tightly hugs the base of the cock shaft, and gently massages the perineum (the male G-spot and erogenous zone) during sex or masturbation. It also pushes the testicles forward while acting like a standard cock-ring.

Click for more info on JackStrapJackStrap
The JackStrap is an elastic, black, silicone masturbation strap that wraps around the testicles to both simplify and intensify male self-stimulation. The JackStrap allows men to jack off and rub their balls at the same time, and jerk the cock more and more intensely with every masturbatory stroke.

Click for more info on Fifty Shades Of Grey TrilogyFifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy
The Fifty Shades phenomenon is an unstoppable force bringing a sweet swirl of spicy BDSM kink to formerly vanilla readers. Sold individually or discounted as the full trilogy, these books are steamrolling in popularity and driving sex toy and bondage gear sales with it!

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