Feb 24

Introducing Stockroom’s New Silicone Bondage Line!

Stockroom's New Silicone Bondage Line

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Continuing our thought of offering bondage gear that is free of animal products, we are very excited to announce our new Silicone Bondage line made of food grade silicone which is incredibly soft to the touch and durable for long-term use. You can keep your playtime kinky and comfortable with gear that has the strength of our classic leather gear with an easy clean-up.

We’re debuting this line with some bondage essentials: locking wrist & ankle cuffs, large locking collar, a bit gag, ball gag, & a bone gag for our fellow pups. These pieces have the simple elegance and strength of our leather gear, but are softer on the skin and more comfortable for long-term wear. Keep your sub restrained for hours with minimum chafing and no allergic reactions.

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Jun 14

Introducing Vondage: Our Vegan Bondage Line!

The Newest in Vegan Bondage Gear: Vondage by The Stockroom

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We’re giving free rein to the cruelest bedroom impulses while being kind to animals. We are excited to announce our new Vondage line, made of a vegan microfiber which is free of animal products, yet retains the sensual feeling of traditional leather that made The Stockroom brand so popular for over 25 years.

We’re debuting this sleek, leather alternative gear in our classic designs: locking/buckling collar, wrist, and ankle cuffs, chain leash with handle, polyfleece-lined blindfold, and hog-tie. Vondage’s vegan microfiber is firm, stain-resistant, and breathes easily so that players have maximum control for the dominant and maximum comfort for the submissive.

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Dec 3

Stockroom.com New Site & Affiliate Program Launch, What You Need To Know Now (Updated)

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new, improved Stockroom.com and affiliate program!! Here is a brief rundown of immediate info that you need to know (including what’s coming soon and a bonus for you):

How Will This Affect You?

Improved conversions should be the first start! A modern update to our site, with improved navigation, larger images, simpler purchase process, and more, will create a much more user-friendly shopping experience, making customers feel more confident completing their purchases, confirmed by our initial tests. Improved reporting will help you to be better able to monitor and fine tune your promotions. And both updates will allow us the flexibility to grow and begin to offer a wider variety of promotions and promotional tools.

Most importantly: all current links will still be tracked indefinitely as they are redirected to the new site. If you have any questions or notice any issues please contact me.

Again, existing links will be redirected indefinitely, so there should be no need to update your old links. If you click through one of your links, it will redirect to the new site and you should notice your new affiliate tracking ?acc=YOURNEWAFFILIATECODE – if you do not see this please contact me asap.

As many pages as possible are and will be redirected to their equivalent page (such as product pages and category pages), however some still may be redirecting to the home page – these have been and are continuously being added throughout today and tomorrow. I have been going through and trying to find as many links as possible that may need to be manually updated on your sites for a better user experience and ideal traffic targeting.

If I haven’t gotten in touch with you yet, feel free to contact me.

The affiliate tracking cookie will also remain unchanged.

Logging In To The New Affiliate Program

The new affiliate program will be on the same url, https://www.stockroom.com/affiliates (the old affiliate program will still be kept accessible to check past stats, history, and banners at http://store.stockroom.com/affiliates).

How To Make New Affiliate Links

Once logged in, click “Banners & Links” in the left hand navigation. Links to the new site will be in a new format and generated via a link generator in the affiliate program.

A default affiliate link to the Stockroom.com homepage will be given to you here.

You may also link to any product, category, or sale page – simply copy/paste the url that you’d link to link to into the link generator and you will be given your affiliate link to that page.

Rather than using your previous affiliate code, a new, longer string of randomly generated letters and numbers will identify as your affiliate code. This code will be the same for you on each link, so once you have you it, you may use it to create links on your own by simply adding ?acc=YOURNEWAFFILIATECODE to the end of your desired URL.

You can also create your own custom affiliate URLs under “Refer Friends” Here it will give you your default affiliate link and also give you the option to create your own custom appendage to the link for a prettier URL to promote.


Banners can still currently be found in the old affiliate program, and will be added into the new affiliate program shortly.

What About Male Stockroom?

All Male.Stockroom.com links are currently unaffected however will also be redirected (and tracked) to the new site in the near future – I will notify when that will be happening. We are still dedicated to serving the gay male community; rather than splitting our stores between “straight” and “gay,” we are aiming to strengthen and unify our brand with one single, more gender neutral site.

What About Co-Brand Stores?

Existing co-brand stores are currently unchanged and unaffected; those affiliates with co-brand stores will still be maintained in the old affiliate program until we are ready to migrate those accounts. I will be contacting everyone with co-brand stores in time to go over updates.

Coming Soon and A Bonus For You!

Continual enhancements to both the new site and affiliate program are currently and will be ongoing. We are well aware that the affiliate program as it is now is missing a lot of window dressing, however its basic functionality and reporting are superior to our current system; we did not want to delay the launch of the new Stockroom.com just to finish the superficial text and visual decor of the affiliate program.

As with many new site and program launches, we anticipate a few bumps in the road, and in appreciation for bearing with us, we are offering an additional 5% in commissions for December 2015 and January 2016 sales.


Holiday Promotions!

Our annual holiday SeXmas Sale and promotions are also launching today! Banners will be coming soon, but just copy/paste the following link into the links page in the affiliate program for your affiliate links:

SeXmas promotions landing page:



Thank you for your continued support and patience, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. 

Jul 2

The New Men’s Bolero Straitjacket

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Our long awaited Men’s Bolero Straitjacket® has finally arrived! With even more features than our patented women’s Bolero Straitjacket, this new, innovative design is sure to become a staple in every bawdy bedroom and devious dungeon. It includes 7 points of restraint, a long buckling strap with removable cock ring, and endless ways to wear and use to restrain your lucky (or unlucky!) fellow.

Designed and handmade with soft, sturdy garment leather in our Los Angeles workshop, it is made to be attractive as it is functional, with great care put into creating clean lines to avoid the bulk and bulges of other straitjackets on the market. Our new design is sure to become another instant classic, and a worthy investment for bondage afficionados.

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Men’s Bolero Straitjacket on Stockroom.com:


Men’s Bolero Straitjacket on Male.Stockroom.com:


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May 29

New Men’s Harness Designs

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New men’s harnesses – just in time to strip down for Pride, the hot weather, or the next night out! Designed and handmade in our Los Angeles workshop for discerning tastes and superior quality.

(Check out our new Men’s Bolero Straitjacket too!)

Simply link to:

All Men’s Body Harnesses on Stockroom.com:


All Body Harnesses on Male.Stockroom.com:


Or choose your favorite!

Mercenary Suspenders on Stockroom.com

Mercenary Suspenders on Stockroom.com:


Mercenary Suspenders on Male.Stockroom.com:


Brigade Harness on Stockroom.com

Brigade Harness on Stockroom.com:


Brigade Harness on Male.Stockroom.com:


Apollo Harness on Stockroom.com

Apollo Harness on Stockroom.com:


Apollo Harness on Male.Stockroom.com:


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Apr 21

Animal Tail Butt Plugs From Crystal Delights

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Love the artisinal look and body safe qualities of glass sex toys but want something a bit more kinky? Crystal Delights Animal Tail Plugs are the perfect answer – handcrafted with luxurious real and faux fur animal tails attached to glass plugs for the sexiest animal role play. Available in multiple colors and multiple styles, including a bunny tail that is removable for easy cleaning.

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Crystal Delights on Stockroom.com:


Crystal Delights on Male.Stockroom.com:


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Feb 17

Introducing the New Agent Noir Neon Wand Kit

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The hottest toy in electrosex just got hotter with our new Agent Noir™ Neon Wand Kit.

More than just our top-selling Neon Wand, the Agent Noir comes with 6 glass electrodes (including an, the Power Tripper attachment, and 3 metal toys including a metal chain flogger (exclusive to this kit), all securely encased in sleek, locking, metal attache case with black handcuffs for extra personal security.

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Agent Noir on Stockroom.com:


Agent Noir on Male.Stockroom.com:


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Jun 1

New Deluxe Padded Medical Restraints

New Stockroom Deluxe Medical Restraints

Designed and handmade in-house by our design team here at The Stockroom, these Deluxe Padded Medical Restraints are based on classic institutional restraints using natural, unfinished vegetable-tanned leather and trimmed in clean white with a eye-catching red lining of cowhide.

Perfect for medical fetishists! Promote them all:
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Deluxe Padded Medical CollarDeluxe Padded Medical Collar


Deluxe Padded Arm SplintsDeluxe Padded Medical Arm Splints


Deluxe Padded Medical Wrist RestraintsDeluxe Padded Medical Wrist Restraints


Deluxe Padded Medical Ankle RestraintsDeluxe Padded Medical Ankle Restraints



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Mar 13

New Products to Promote on Stockroom.com!

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We’re regularly adding new products to our site, here are few noteworthy ones sure to please customers and commissions!

Click for more info on KinkLab BedSpread Under Bed Bondage StrapsKinkLab BedSpread™ Under Bed Bondage Straps
Our new BedSpread Under Bed Bondage Straps allow anyone to quickly and easily transform an ordinary bed into a kinky den of delights. We’ve stepped up the game with sexy leather-like straps and strong, durable nickel-free hardware.


Click for more info on KinkLab Nikola VibratorKinkLab Nikola Vibrator™
Experience more intense orgasms with the added power of e-stim! Electric pulses provide Kegel stimulation along with extra pleasure and sensitivity during climax. Named after pioneering inventor Nikola Tesla, this innovative fusion of a traditional vibrator and electrosex toy is the kind of cutting edge sexual technology for which KinkLab® is known.


Click for more info on Kinklab Neon Wand Electrosex Kit Red/Black HandleKinklab Neon Wand® Electrosex Kit Red/Black Handle
The Red Handle Neon Wand is the latest version of Kinklab’s award winning Neon Wand Electrosex Kit, a device which creates an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin.


Click for more info on The Bruiser Bulldog HarnessThe Bruiser Bulldog Harness
One of our latest men’s wear additions, this upper body men’s leather harness frames your upper torso for a fully strapped look that frames your pecs and shoulders, and fits snugly and comfortably.


Click for more info on The Contender HarnessThe Contender Harness
Another of our latest men’s wear additions, this 2-strap leather shoulder harness is perfect for the man who wants a minimalist fetish harness without a lot of bells and whistles – or buckles!


Click for more info on Firecracker Patent Leather Restraints SetFirecracker Patent Leather Restraints Set
Deluxe 6 piece kit features some of our most striking, unique pieces – with a 20% savings! Includes Firecracker black patent leather and red garment leather waist cincher, posture collar, wrist & ankle cuffs.


Click for more info on Pink and Black Leather Restraints SetPink and Black Leather Restraints Set
Our 5 piece Pink and Black Leather Restraints Set is an eye-catching ensemble, and the perfect combination of fetish and fashion. Set includes high quality leather wrist and ankle cuffs and a tall locking posture collar.


Click for more info on Vac-U-Lock Knuckle UpVac-U-Lock Knuckle Up
An exciting new take on a handheld harness. Simply attach any Vac-U-Lock dildo to the rod in the center and you’re ready to bring a new level of authority and pleasure to your partner. The power role will truly be in your grasp when you wrap your fingers around this sturdy black tool molded to look like strict knuckle dusters.


Click for more info on Fun Factory Stronic EinsFun Factory Stronic Eins
Not your typical vibrator, this new toy is dubbed a “Pulsator.” Instead of the traditional buzzing vibration associated with classic vibrators (or even the more novel pulse mode) this revolutionary sex toy features an organic thrusting motion that stimulates your every hidden part!


Click for more info on Aneros EVIAneros EVI
The innovative and ergonomically designed EVI is the newest silicone G-spot stimulator from Aneros. Unlike vibrating toys that require batteries, dials and knobs, it allows hands free g-spot stimulation by just using the natural movements of your own body.


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Sep 11

New Syren Latex Men’s Designs

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Direct from our in-house design and production studio, brand new Syren Latex menswear has been added to Stockroom.com – promote this sporty and menacing fetish wear today!

Click for more info on Latex Executioner HoodieLatex Executioner Hoodie
This sporty hoodie has an edge of nonchalance that belies its serious masked chops. Wear it partially zipped for an executioner style hood, or wear it back as a casual hoodie, masking its menacing potential. Pair with our matching track pants to complete the look! The hood zips fully closed from behind for a completely enclosed mask leaving only your eyes exposed.

(Syren items are custom made, available in a multitude of colors and not available for express shipping. For more info click here.)


Click for more info on Men's Latex Track PantsMen’s Latex Track Pants
Our latex track pants are the perfect match to any of our t-shirts or tank tops for a sportier, athletic look, or pair it with our latex hoodie for a seriously sexy work-out ensemble.

Made of 14 gauge latex with two classic stripes of contrast piping down the side, choose your colors to create a look that you can own. With an elastic waist band and open ankles, our track pants are true to form, with a great range of motion, and easy to slip into and out of.

(Syren items are custom made, available in a multitude of colors and not available for express shipping. For more info click here.)


For more new products check out, our New Products:


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