May 12

Gear Up & Save on Leather Harnesses, Fetish Wear & More!

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May 6

Gear Up Your Promotions With Our Gear Up For IML Sale!

Save up to 40% on Fetish Wear, BDSM Gear, and More!

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Whether your traffic is interested in heading to IML in Chicago or just looking to save up to 40% on luxurious leather fetish wear, BDSM gear, and more, then make sure to send them our way as we Gear Up for IML!

While IML tends to be a masculine celebration of leather culture, our sale features gear designed to appeal to all genders and preferences (we even threw in a little bit of latex!) – now through Friday, May 20, 2016!

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May 1

Gear Up For IML

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Are you or your traffic heading to International Mr. Leather in Chicago next month? We’ll be there in person (come say hi!) and in spirit too with huge discounts online so everyone can get in the spirit of IML whether they’re in Chicago or in the comfort of their own home. Our Gear Up For IML promotion is for more than just gay male traffic. Promote our fetish wear, BDSM gear, sex toys, and lube to any traffic looking for kinky toys or just a good deal!

Sale ends May 26, 2014, so start promoting now! Simply link to:

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