Jun 1

New Deluxe Padded Medical Restraints

New Stockroom Deluxe Medical Restraints

Designed and handmade in-house by our design team here at The Stockroom, these Deluxe Padded Medical Restraints are based on classic institutional restraints using natural, unfinished vegetable-tanned leather and trimmed in clean white with a eye-catching red lining of cowhide.

Perfect for medical fetishists! Promote them all:
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Deluxe Padded Medical CollarDeluxe Padded Medical Collar


Deluxe Padded Arm SplintsDeluxe Padded Medical Arm Splints


Deluxe Padded Medical Wrist RestraintsDeluxe Padded Medical Wrist Restraints


Deluxe Padded Medical Ankle RestraintsDeluxe Padded Medical Ankle Restraints



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Sep 15

New Products for September

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For medical scenes, hot rubber nights out or cool nights bound inside, we’ve added some awesome new products just for that!

Click for more info on Large Blue SpeculumLarge Blue Speculum 

Add a splash of color to cold and sterile medical play with this bright blue speculum! This large, fully-functional gynecological instrument can be used for vaginal exams, or as a prop.


Click for more info on Equine SpeculumEquine Speculum 

Not for the faint of heart, this huge stainless steel speculum was designed for use in diagnostic examinations and similar veterinary procedures performed on farm animals . Although it may look like it comes from a nightmare, it could be the new toy of your dreams!

Click for more info on Low Rise Bleachers w/ Rear ZipperLow Rise Bleachers w/ Rear Zipper 

Nowhere else will you find a pair of pants quite like these! Hand-painted so every pair is unique, these skintight low-rise latex pants are perfect for oi boy fantasies, a fetish denim look or just to stand out in a crowd.

Click for more info on Polo Shirt w/ TrimPolo Shirt w/ Trim 

For a look that’s more sporty and refined, we offer you the Latex Polo Shirt with contrasting trim stripes along the sleeves and collar. This stylish shirt goes well with latex pants, or dress it down with just a pair of jeans.

Click for more info on Latex SuspendersLatex Suspenders 

These fashionable latex braces are a perfect addition to any outfit be it a fetish ensemble or just a simple jeans and t-shirt look. Made with sturdy 30 gauge latex with nickel-plated hardware and available in four colors.

Click for more info on Head Ring with Pressure BeadHead Ring with Pressure Bead 

This ring is meant to be worn around the ridge just beneath the head of your cock to increase stimulation by applying pressure to the glans of the penis. The shining steel ring and bead also decorate the penis nicely, so it’s both attractive and functional.

Click for more info on Rainbow Cock RingsRainbow Cock Rings 

These lightweight and sturdy anodized aluminum cockrings come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can properly coordinate to your measurements and aesthetic preferences. Get one in your favorite color, or collect them all and turn your boys into a rainbow coalition!



Click for more info on Pink Leather Wrist Cuffs w/ Locking BucklePink Leather Wrist Cuffs w/ Locking Buckle 

By popular demand, we are producing this set of buckling cuffs in pink leather. These cuffs are 2″ wide and are made of pink Latigo leather which is softer and more supple than the leather used for our black version of the same item.

Click for more info on Pink Locking/Buckling Ankle CuffsPink Locking/Buckling Ankle Cuffs 

Each soft pink leather cuff has 2 locking buckles and a large D-ring. This design is innovative, sexy, secure, and comfortable. Each cuff is 2¼” wide, and fits an ankle from 6″ to 12½”.

Click for more info on Pink Deluxe Buckling CollarPink Deluxe Buckling Collar 

This pink leather collar is 1¾” wide and wraps around the neck twice. It has a buckle that accepts a padlock, but does not require a lock to stay closed.

Click for more info on Little Rubber Ball GagLittle Rubber Ball Gag 

This small-size ball gag is a refined version of an old favorite. Rather than the traditional bitter red rubber ball, this leather-strapped gag features a smaller, smoother version, available in Red or Black – and coming soon in Purple! This ball is made of TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) and is phthalate-free. Ball diameter measures 1.47in/3.7cm


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